Currently the Worlds media and Scientists are looking closely at the spiralling cases of  Swine Flu world wide, deaths  from the H1N1 virus are mounting.

Star Anise, a traditional tasty spice that comes from the  ever green tree Illicium Vernum of the family of Illiciaceae and is grown primarily in China and Vietnam has as one of its ingredients Shikmic Acid, which is  used in the preparation of the anti- flu drug Tami flu. It is much more commonly known as a spice used to flavour food, particularly Asian and Chinese dishes. The fragrance of the fruit is used by the perfumery industry.

Star Anise is a star shaped, reddish brown fruit consisting 6 to 8 canoe shaped hard wrinkled carpel’sstaranize

Star Anise has medicinal properties also which are often overlooked.  It works well as a remedy for rheumatism and is some times chewed after meals to enhance the digestion. In China, Star Anise has been used traditionally as a powerful remedy for cough- cold and other viral diseases.

Although there is no particular single vaccine for this flu available so far, doctors have found “Tami flu” (anti flu drug) containing Shikmic Acid the most effective in current cases of    Swine flu H1N1

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