#say no to Islam

The Muslim Issue

The media is as crazy as the Obama administration and the French government. In their delusional minds President Assad is a greater threat and problem than ISIS and Salafism. Just insane. Where have they been? By constantly taking a supportive position to the Sunni argument, Obama and the French are constantly fueling terrorism. 80% of Syrians support Assad. Their problem is Sunni terrorism, not Assad. The only groups against Assad are of course the Sunni’s.

By hitting the “rebels” Russia can destabilize ISIS from expanding. Very smart.

There are no “rebels” fighting against ISIS. These rebels are factions of ISIS that sit there and collect weapons, training and funding from the US and Europe, which they then supply to ISIS.

The other day the UK media claimed a “large number of ISIS fighters defect to rebel forces”. No, they don’t defect to rebel forces. If you run away from fighting…

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