#say no to Islam

The Muslim Issue

The 1,400 year obsession with jihad has not slowed down. This report is not much different from the manual found by Swiss police during a terror raid and used in a court case at the Holy Land trial. But he West is asleep. Only a few years after the discovery, the import of Muslim asylum seekers and immigrants just continued, more mosques kept opening and their presence in jobs within governments just kept expanding.

As we have said many times, Muslims need to be deported from the West and their residency and passports reversed.

There are sensible ways to tackle Islamic terrorism and make the future safer for the world. But will the powers to be bother to implement them?

  • Islam must be made illegal and defined as a foreign fascist ideology, not a religion.
  • Ban and demolish all mosques. Believe us be: every single mosque in the West contribute…

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