#say no to Islam

The Muslim Issue

The British government have been branded “far right” by Muslims for asking mosques to tone down with the hate preachers. Imagine that. Now what does that tell us of the mentality of the Muslims in Britain? It reveals an extremist mindset that will not tolerate to collaborate, to integrate, or any willingness to object to terrorism.

The government is beating a dead horse.

There is only one solution to the problems: ban Islam, close the mosques and deport the faithfuls. It’s also the only financially sensible decision affordable for a long-term battle with Muslim terrorism. Anything else will fail and only demand more and more funding, more and more dead bodes, more and more threats, more and more police and military, more and more restrictions on society and pressures to babysit thousands of more Muslims every year for their keen interest in Jihad. The Muslim population in the UK has…

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