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Published: 25 Mar 2015

Italian authorities have arrested two people suspected of being involved in the recruitment of fighters for the Isis extremist group, and a third who was the alleged author of the Italian version of an Isis propaganda document.

The three were allegedly part of a militant cell that operated between Italy and the Balkans, Il Fatto Quotidiano reported.

The two suspected Isis recruiters are Albanian nationals. One was arrested in Turin and the other in Albania, the newspaper said.

An Italian of Moroccan origin, who investigators claim is the author of the Italian version of a 64-page Isis propaganda document that recently appeared online, was also arrested in Turin.

The two Albanians, said to be an uncle and his nephew, had allegedly found a would-be jihadist living in Como who they were preparing to send to Syria, Il Fatto reported.

The arrests come a week after a…

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