Thank you to Russia. All sanctions should be lifted against Russia if there are any.Write to your MP today to tell them how thankful we are that Russia is freeing us from evil ISIS.
We must get the Torys out of office and stop them from changing our laws any further to allow the Islamization of the UK #Take back the UK from Islam.
Ask Cameron. Why are there 1200 mosques in Britain? Why are there 82 sharia courts in our land allowed? Why has he introduced laws that favor Islam? Is David Cameron an Islamist? If not, why is he Islamazising our country? Why are parts of the UK off limits to non Muslims?
Does he not agree that in doing these things he has acted as a traitor to Britain and can no longer hold office? And neither can his cohorts. General election today!

Islam is evil at its root and in its conception. Islam commands that you accept the law of Islam, or you die. That is Islam and it has no place in the UK. When I see a person dressed as Muslim I feel threatened and offended. #say no to Islam

The Muslim Issue

Obama and his Eurocrat allies can’t resolve problems within their own countries and only worsen conditions, but they shamefully imagine they can resolve problems in a completely different culture and region.

Putin said in his UN address that the West should not underestimate the Muslim terrorist duplicity. He stated that the Western stance is that they are stupid but that they are very calculative and smart in the way they manipulate the situation in Syria. The media is definitely involved in an information war against Russia right now. Israel goes through it on a daily basis.

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