A big thank you to Russia. Would that you could come and bomb them here.
We must get the Torys out of office and stop them from changing our laws any further to allow the Islamization of the UK #Take back the UK from Islam.
Ask Cameron. Why are there 1200 mosques in Britain? Why are there 82 shariah courts in our land allowed? Whay has he introduced laws that favor Islam? Is David Cameron an Islamist? if not why is he Islamazising our country. Does he not agree that in doing these things he has acted as a traitor to Britain and can no longer hold office? and neither can his cohorts? General election today!

Islam is evil at its root and in its conception. Islam commands that you accept the law of Islam, or you die. That is Islam and it has no place in the UK. When I see a person dressed as Muslim I feel threatened and offended. #say no to Islam

The Muslim Issue

After several years of Salafi infiltration into Syria, coaxed by Saudi Arabia, at last someone actually steps up and fight against terrorism. It looked bleak for a long time.




Terrorist training camp & command HQ annihilated in Russian MoD-released combat footage (VIDEO)

RT, Published time: 2 Oct, 2015 00:22

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released new combat footage showing the striking of terrorist targets in Syria, including an Islamic State command center and a training camp. The Air Force continues to engage hostile targets for the second day straight.

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The Ministry announced that throughout the second day of the air campaign, Su-24M and Su-25 jets conducted eight flights from the Hmeimim base in Latakia province on the Mediterranean coast, targeting five Islamic State targets.

Based on intelligence gathered from a variety of sources, including “space and…

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