The Muslim Issue

London is being sold off to the world’s second largest monetary contributor to terrorism: Qatar. There has been reports last year that claim London’s Muslim population to now be close to 40%.

Saudi Arabia is, of course, number one in the creation and support of terrorism. Qatar tried to send 3,500 jihadist to Myanmar to kill Buddhist. Qatar “hires” terrorists from Tunisia to send to jihad war zones and foreign countries to commit jihad. Tunisian terrorists are the second largest group of jihadist in Isis (the third largest group are “Palestinians”). Qatar also forced young women from Tunisia to be sacrificed as sex-slaves for sex-jihad to terrorists where women were gang-raped to death. Some of the girl’s parents objected but was then forced to be sent into sex-slavery through legal fatwas issued by clerics which gave them no say in their own decisions. The elderly and handicapped were asked by…

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