We must get the Torys out of office and stop them from changing our laws any further to allow the Islamization of the UK #Take back the UK from Islam.
Ask Cameron. Why are there 1200 mosques in Britain? Why are there 82 shariah courts in our land allowed? Whay has he introduced laws that favor Islam? Is David Cameron an Islamist? if not why is he Islamazising our country. Does he not agree that in doing these things he has acted as a traitor to Britain and can no longer hold office? and neither can his cohorts? General election today!

Islam is evil at its root and in its conception. Islam commands that you accept the law of Islam, or you die. That is Islam and it has no place in the UK. When I see a person dressed as Muslim I feel threatened and offended. #say no to Islam

The Muslim Issue

Have you wondered where the sudden initiative to persecute Christians, murder them, and fund such mass murders originates from? Who gave the instructions for Sunni’s to start destroying churches across the Middle East?

You may find the answer here from March 2012.

To understand the power these savage animals have around the world, it’s necessary to understand the role of Saudi Arabia to Muslims worldwide. Saudi Arabia is the headquarters for Muslim initiatives around the world. It is where pedo “prophet” Muhammad was born. The King is in charge of the “two holy mosques” and his senior clerics are the main authority on all things Islam and interpretations of Islam for Muslims around the world. The senior imam’s give instructions for their minions around the world to emulate. Saudi imam’s initiate terror fundraising efforts through mosques as well.

Rest assure every single mosque permitted to function in the West collects…

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